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Gaming is always fun. Most of the casino players are switching to the online version of casinos games. The reason behind it is the range of bonuses that the online version provides. Read on to know about various online casino bonus schemes.

Sign-up Bonus Scheme

It is also known as the first deposit bonus scheme. You can get a variety of offers starting from 100 % to 250% on first deposit. Thus, research well and find out which website offered maximum number of benefits. These bonuses will help you in the initial stages of online gambling.

You get time to learn the game you want to play and get familiarized with its rules, without the fear of losing your actual money. This bonus can also help you in maximizing your profit, as continue playing the games.

No deposit Bonus Scheme

This scheme allows you to play limited number of games without any prior deposit. This is quite common and seeks the attention of many gamers and new customers. Once you have played the limited amount of games, you will be asked to sign up for an original account with your cash.

These schemes are not offered by all sites. Mostly the new websites offer these bonuses to gain popularity. If you are new to casino, you can easily learn the basics with the zero deposit schemes.

Preferred Deposit Bonus

These bonuses are offered when you make a payment electronically, which is highly preferred by many to play online casino games. All the casino websites have offer a number of options to make a payment. If you make a payment using the fastest mode, they offer you 10 to 25 % cash deposit bonus. It is also a good way of making profit as you get more than what you pay them.

Reload bonus scheme

Such schemes are sometimes also referred to as the match bonuses. Cash back bonus is also a type of reload bonus. It is given to the players on making the initial deposit. Moreover, if you have not got any other bonus or profit scheme, then you are most likely to get this one. This scheme is not offered to the players who are already enjoying other benefits.

A player should keep in mind that before claiming the reload bonus, all the cash earned from other bonuses or games should be withdrawn. In case it is not done, then there can be certain complications while requesting for the withdrawal.

The casino can easily flag this act as the ‘bonus abuse’. Moreover, they will also not permit any future withdrawals earned through the reload bonus scheme. These reload bonuses are generally offered to players on a daily or weekly basis.

Besides these bonuses, there are many others that you can benefit from. However, it is a must that you research well before signing up or registering an account with any online casino site. There are many fake online casinos that you must be away from. Go through the customer ratings and online casino reviews, so that you know that the website is genuine.

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