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Baccarat is a popular card game that has well and truly survived the times. Played for hundreds of years Baccarat dates back to the 1500’s and was originally only available to the rich and elite. It is also the favoured card game of the one and only James bond and featured in many other Films such as star trek and rush hour 3.

Although Both Italy and France claim to be the founders of the game, many historians believe Baccarat was created by an Italian chancer back in the day, named Felix Falguirein. Rumour has it that Felix invented Baccarat during an obscure ancient Italian ritual, involving a virgin and a nine sided dice. If the virgin threw below a 6, incredibly she was sentenced to death. Now those are odds I don’t fancy!

So perhaps a sinister beginning for Baccarat but when introduced to France in the 1500’s by King Charles himself, Baccarat became a firm favourite with the elite class who kept it to themselves until it finally gained notoriety as a casino game. Today Baccarat is a very popular casino game loved by many, although still a firm favourite with the high rollers perhaps due to its prestigious past.

Despite its grand history Baccarat is actually a simple game for anyone to learn, similar to wagering on the flip of a coin the scoring system is as follows:

The reason for taxing the Banco is because it has been established that over an 8-deck cards play on average the Banco will win three to four hands more than the Punto.

  • 10’s and Picture cards are worth Zero
  • Cards 2-9 are worth their normal value
  • Aces are worth one point.
  • For any double digit total you lose the left digit (13 would become 3)
  • A score of 8 or 9 is the nuts and wins the game

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Baccarat is a battle between player and banker. The most common form of Baccarat played in casinos is called ‘Punto blanco’. A form of the game where the house plays banker at all times and who’s strategy is determined by fixed pre-determined rules.
Two cards are dealt face up to both player and banker. If a total of 8 or 9 is achieved, the game is finished as that is the best available score in Baccarat AKA ‘the nuts’. If 8 or 9 points are not achieved right away a third card may be drawn depending on your current total.

  • If the Player scores a total of five or less points, another card is drawn
  • Six or seven points dictates player stands and hopes for the best.
  • Eight or Nine points is an instant win
  • If the player hasn’t drawn a third card the banker will play to the same rules as the player. Drawing only with a points total of 5 or less.

When the player draws a third card the rules for the banker get a little tricky depending on his own score,

  • 7 points – Bank stands
  • 6 points – Bank draws if player drew a six or seven
  • 5 points – Bank draws if player drew four, five, six or seven
  • 4 points – Bank draws unless player drew a zero, one, eight or nine
  • 3 points – Bank draws unless player drew an eight.
  • 2 points or less – Bank always draws a third card.

Although this may seem complicated, Baccarat is quite simple and it is not important to memorize the bankers’ rules as they will occur automatically, so don’t be put off and give Baccarat a go!

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