Asia Stud Poker Game Rules

Asia stud poker is a hard game to find in live casinos but if your itching to play don’t fear as it can be found in many online casinos. It is a variation of the classic card game Stud poker. The betting format is the same as Stud poker but the card valuation system used is completely different and comparable to Baccarat. It is played with a standard deck plus a single joker.

If you are familiar with Baccarat picking up Asia stud poker will be a doddle. For those not familiar with Baccarat below is a recap of the scoring system used in Asia stud poker.

  • Ace – 1 point
  • Cards 2-9 are worth their normal values
  • 10 Card/Picture cards – 10 points
  • Joker is worth 1 point

To get the game started every player posts a forced ante. Then everyone (including the dealer) is dealt 5 cards. At this point you separate your cards into a 3 card hand and a 2 card hand. This is where the more experienced Asia stud poker player will take the opportunity to either raise with their good cards or surrender their antes and fold their poor hands and live to fight another day.
Having a qualifying hand is now your chance to scoop the pot. In Asia stud poker Qualifying hands occur when the 3 card hand amounts to ten, twenty or thirty points. If the 3 card hand doesn’t qualify then the 2 card hand becomes irrelevant and it can be a good idea to fold and abandon your ante.

Asia Stud Poker Game Rules | DewyHills CasinoFor Players who really like to gamble they can continue without a qualifying hand, hoping that the dealer himself doesn’t have a qualifying hand. In this instance you win even money on your antes with your bets returned.

In the event that both dealer and players 3 card hand qualify’s, then the two card hand suddenly takes center stage. Whoever has the highest scoring hand will win and take down the pot.

In Asia stud poker when the player beats the dealer the win is determined by the margin of victory. A Three-point victory returns a paltry 1 to 1 ratio. A Six-point victory commands a nice 2 to 1 payout and in the unlikely event of a 9-point victory 3 to 1 odds are paid out on the amount wagered. On top of this you win double the ante. A draw dictates all money will be returned to respective players with no winner/losers.

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