The goal with this community is to provide a fun and mature dedicated server for like-minded people who would like to collaborate (and probably argue with each other a bit now and then) and work together in this upcoming ecocentric survival game. We will be aiming for a light roleplaying approach where the players are encouraged to play the game in a way that they would find viable for their in-game character. Which means that the main focus will not be to “beat the game” or trying to abuse different game mechanics.  Instead we will focus on a fun and dynamic way of playing where people are encouraged to create interesting in-game characters with individual goals and opinions. Though we will need to see what the game will look like before anything can be planned in detail.

Below we’ve tried to answer a few questions that might be interesting for you to know before joining us. But please keep in mind that as the game has not been released yet all information is subject to change as more info of the game is revealed for us.

Will there be just one server or will you be hosting multiple servers, perhaps at different locations?

Initially we will host a single community-wide dedicated server. This server will be setup as soon as we can during the early access period. Though as the number of members increases we might find that we need to get multiple servers to be able to provide all members access without too long queue times. So the answer to the question as that we will try to adapt the number of servers to actual demand and number of active members.

You mentioned roleplaying, what are your expectation of me in-game? Do I need to write a 5 pages long character description before joining the game?

No you don’t! You’re always allowed to discuss OOC (out of character) in the game and if you don’t want to you don’t even need to write a character description. The only thing that’s important is that you try to play the game in such a way that it will be rewarding and fun for everyone. Which means no use of exploits, don’t build giant phallus shaped buildings etc. Just try to play in a somewhat “realistic” way. With that said we don’t want everyone to agree. No, we really want you to have a strong will and vote for laws that you think will serve you the best. We believe that conflicts will be an important part of this game and hope to see intense debates of in-game laws/issues both here on the website and in-game.

To summarize it the roleplay aspect just mean that you should try to play the game in a fun and rewarding way but avoid making decision because “I just wanted to see how the game handles this” or “if you do it like this there will be a bug in the game that makes it easier to….”. Instead try to think like “In-game I’m a hard working lumberjack, I need to vote for laws that allow me to continue my business” or “I’m a capitalist business-man, I need to make sure that I continue to earn money even if we’ll have to sacrifice some of the variety in nature.”

What will I be expected/required to do if I choose to join you?

Not much really. We expect you to follow our basic rules/guidelines and to be nice against other members. You don’t have to play a certain amount of time every day. Though we still don’t know for sure how the servers will be working. If the land ownership feature gets introduced we will like to to stay active at least for a while if you choose to play on the server. So that we will not end up with occupated land not being used because the people who bought the land are not playing anymore. Though the game might include functionality to deal with that so it’s really to early to say anything for sure about that.

What rules are there?

These are the community- and server-wide rules/guidelines:

  • Always try to be nice with other members. You’re of course allowed to argue quite a lot about in-game issues but never put your anger towards the actual person who you’re arguing with.
  • Mind your language, be respectful and mature.
  • You need to be 18 years or older to join the community and/or the server. We don’t make any exceptions here. I know, it’s not a fair rule as age is not a guarantee for a high maturity level. Though other systems would be much more time-consuming for the administrators. So please respect this rule.
  • Never abuse any in-game glitches or bugs.
  • Don’t grief (building giant phallus statues goes under this rule).

More rules will perhaps be added later on. By joining us you agree to always follow the above rules.

Become a member!
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