The website is still under development. Keep in mind that some features might be missing or not working as expected.

Welcome to Dewy Hills! A mature and relaxed (yet serious) community and server for the upcoming Eco cooperative survival game.  As the game has not yet been released and we know very little about it much content on this website may change and not everything you read might be correct.  

The goal with this community is to provide a fun and mature dedicated server for like-minded people who would like to collaborate (and probably argue with each other a bit now and then) and work together in this upcoming ecocentric survival game. We will be aiming for a light roleplaying approach where the players are encouraged to play the game in a way that they would find viable for their in-game character. Which means that the main focus will not be to “beat the game” or trying to abuse different game mechanics.  Instead we will focus on a fun and dynamic way of playing where people are encouraged to create interesting in-game characters with individual goals and opinions. Though we will need to see what the game will look like before anything can be planned in detail.  

Other than just providing a nice server we will also aim for extending the game experience by integrating server statistics and data on our website.  As well as we will encourage players to use our forums for debating in-game topics, run electoral campaigns, post shop advertisements and so on. Even if you don’t have access to the actual game for a couple of days we still want you to be able to follow along with what’s happening on the server.

Visit the About page to read more about the community and to also get some information of how to join us and what will be expected from you.  

100% funding reached!

Well the game is now officially funded on the Kickstarter campaign! We just went past the 100% goal. But don’t stop here! Keep sharing the game with your friends and on social media to help us reach at least the first two stretch goals! Also remember that our sharing contest is still open for entries!